7 May from 8.30 to 11.30
Signature Breakfast

After the success of the first edition, the great masters of Italian pastry are back to Le Axidie.

A rich calendar of events awaits you this year to get to know in person the great challenges of the art of confectionery in Italy and enjoy an author’s breakfast among gourmet goodies and other delicacies that the masters will prepare for you.

The first appointment includes the presence of the pastry chef Sabatino Sirica

The menu includes:


Croissants with Cream

Croissants with Nutella

Brioche with panna

Plumcake allo yogurt

Plumacake with cocoa and dark juggles

Sirica’s specials

Caprese cake

Neapolitan Pastiera

Babà Napoletano

Sfogliatelle Ricce

Sfogliatelle Frolle

About the pastry chef

Sabatino Sirica is an institution of the world of confectionery art. His shop is a safe haven for all lovers of traditional Neapolitan pastry, where the passion that the he puts in his creations is perceived in every dessert.

When you do this work at such high E levels and for so many years, it is impossible not to become a destination for the greediest.

Babà sumptuous, excellent sfogliatelle, a pastiera that should be taken as an absolute reference for all are inevitable in his pastry and can be tasted Sunday, May 7 at our breakfast d’ author.

Info & Reservation 081 8028562+39 3318642108eventi@leaxidie.it

Other events

Some useful information on the closures and reopenings of our services. Vi ricordiamo che è sempre possibile prenotare eventi nel nostro Hotel o nel Rooftop de Le Axidie dove, vi anticipiamo, si terrà anche il nostro ormai celebre Gran Cenone di Capodanno

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